Buy4 Fundraising Platform

What happens when you combine something your donors love to do - shop - with making the world a better place? You raise more money! Just ask them to Buy4 you.


Your shopping portal links to over 2,500 online retailers. It includes a powerful product search and 1000's of coupons. With one simple click through Buy4, up to 30% of the value of each eligible purchase will be donated to you, without costing your donor a penny more. Your donor can monitor their purchases and donations via their own Buy4 dashboard.

How The Buy4 Platform Works

1. Activate your Buy4 Program for free

  • Buy4 will create your branded landing page and shopping portal
  • Create a message that your donors will see in purchase confirmation emails.

2. Motivate your donors

  • Invite your donors to participate
  • Create reachable goals and milestones
  • Keep in touch with donors through purchase confirmations
  • We incentivize Buy4 members to refer their friends and form Buy4 Teams

3. Celebrate your success

  • Use your Buy4 Dashboard to see sign-ups and shopping activity in real-time
  • Watch your donations multiply as your donors make Buy4 a habit
  • Your donors can see the good they are doing with their own Buy4 Dashboard
We provide you everything you need to be successful:
  • Branded landing webpage at
  • Branded shopping portal
  • Branded e-mail and social media marketing materials
  • Real-time dashboard to monitor subscribers, purchases and donations
The Buy4 Difference
  • Simple, perpetual fundraising
  • The best buying experience for your donors - over 2,500 retailers
  • A new and fun way to stay in front of your donors
  • Fully-branded Shopping Portal
  • Real-time tracking of activities & donations by your donors