Buy4 Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is
Now you can Buy4 your cause while you shop! Buy4 has a relationship with thousands of online vendors who have agreed to give back a portion of their sales so you can support your favorite cause.

Do I need to register to use
Yes. To allow for your donations to be properly credited, you must register as a Buy4 member to support your cause.

What types of causes can be supported through works with nonprofits, schools, and associations.

What can I purchase through
Almost everything. You can buy books, DVDs, furniture and household items, send gifts, plan travel, choose a cell phone, sign up for a credit card, apply for a mortgage, etc.

Does it cost any more to shop through
No. You can even save money with special deals and coupons from participating merchants.

Do you charge organizations to participate?
No. Buy4 is a free service for organizations.

How does Buy4 make money?
We are paid by merchants when you make a purchase on their site. So, we're only successful when your cause receives support.

Shopping Questions

Do you see my credit card information?
No. All purchases are done on the merchant's site. When you come to Buy4 to shop for your cause, you will click a link to go to the merchant's site. The merchant tracks that you came from Buy4, which allows us to credit your cause after you've made a purchase.

Do I have to go through every time I make a purchase?
Yes. To have a portion of your purchase donated, you must reach the merchant's site by clicking through

What's a coupon code?
Most coupons only require you to click them to get the discount, but some have coupon codes. When you see a coupon code, you may want to copy it before clicking through to the merchant's site. When you shop, the merchant will ask you for the code - most likely at checkout. Enter the code to receive the savings.

I'm having trouble with an order I placed. What should I do?
All shopping is done on the merchant's site. We do not have any information about individual transactions. You will need to contact the merchant directly. Be sure to save all receipts.

Why doesn't my purchase appear in My Donations?
Since all transactions occur at the merchant's site, it usually takes at least a day for it to appear in our system. Some can take up to a few days.

Donation Questions

How much of my purchase will be donated?
Donations vary by merchant. Each merchant page explains the company's donation policy.

What do you mean by Typical Donation?
Some merchants vary the donation based on the type of merchandise or service purchased. For example, an electronics store may offer 5% on TVs, 2% on MP3 players, and no donation for entertainment centers. The typical donation is, generally, the most common donation a merchant offers.

When are donations sent to my cause? pays causes quarterly when the collective total for a cause is greater than $25. Payments are made approximately 90 days after a transaction occurs. This period allows merchants to credit returns and pay For more information on our payment policy, see our
terms of service.

I don't see the cause I want to support. Can I add them?
Yes, you can submit a cause to us. For the safety of our users, we verify the cause and make sure it meets our
terms of service. before adding it to our database. Approval takes about two business days, but you can get started shopping for your cause right away. Any purchase made from your computer will be credited to your cause if it's approved.

Arrow_blue Add Your Cause

Why does it say that some organizations are not formally affiliated with
There are over 1.5 million nonprofits listed on Buy4 to which you can donate. also has formal relationships with select nonprofits, schools, and associations. We work with these causes to create a more co-branded shopping experience and teach them how they can get their members to Buy4 their cause.

Can I track my donations?
Yes. To track your donations, you first need to Join Buy4. (We can't track your donation if you don't tell us who you are.) Once you've registered, you can view your donations and manage your site preferences from
your account.

Are my donations tax deductable?
Some commissions may be tax deductible, however since goods are being received in exchange for monies paid, some donations may not be tax deductible, but please discuss with your accountant at the end of the year.

Registration and Account Questions

Why should I register?
Registering allows you to get more out of Registered users can view their account at any time to see a list all of their donations. We're also continually enhancing our site to provide a more customized experience. Your account contains a record of your site preferences - including the organization to which you are donating - so you won't need to reset them on each visit, even when you access from a different computer. Finally, registering allows you to receive the Buy4 newsletter which contains high-donation opportunities and special offers and discounts.

How do I change my email address, password, preferences, and cause?
All of this can be done in
your account. To get there, log in and from there you can change all your personal settings.

I've registered. Do I need to log out after a session?
Logging out is optional, but we do recommend it if you are using a public computer. If you are working from your own secure computer, staying logged in will ensure that all of your donations show up in your account.

What information do you collect about me when I register? only collects a minimal amount of personally identifiable information. When you register, we collect your name, email address, country, and postal code, along with your site preferences. We do this to improve your site experience and allow you to track your donations. For more information, see our
privacy policy

Do you share my information with the merchants I visit?
No. When you click through to a merchant site, all we pass along to them is a code. When you make a purchase, they report back to us with that code, allowing us to match the donation to your account and cause.

I made a purchase but don't see the donation in my account. What should I do?
Reporting time varies from merchant to merchant. If you notice a missing or inaccurate transaction that is not corrected within 15 business days after your payment has been processed, please
contact us. Be sure to include the information found on your receipt, including the name of the merchant, purchase date, order number, items purchased, total price, and your contact information as you provided it to the merchant (name, address, phone number, and email address). Please do not include a credit card number. We'll work with the merchant to resolve the discrepancy.

If I register, will I receive emails from you?
If you are registered, we will occasionally send you information on special offers - generally deals that provide a particularly high donation to your cause or save you money. You can opt out of these emails at any time by visiting Your Account or by clicking the opt-out link in the email.

On very rare occasions, we may send you strictly service-related announcements, for instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance. Generally, you may not opt-out of these communications, which are not promotional in nature, as they are necessary for using the site.

Organization Questions

How can my organization partner with works with nonprofits, schools, and associations. You can
sign up online or contact us for more information. We will contact you within 2 days.

Does my organization need nonprofit status?
No, your organization does not need to be a nonprofit, but you must have a Tax ID, EIN or Social Security Number in order to receive donations.

Do you charge organizations or their supporters?
No. Buy4 is completely free. We are paid by merchants to drive business to their site. So, we're only successful when your cause receives support.

My organization isn't in the U.S. or Canada. Can we participate?
We're sorry, but at this time, is available to organizations only in the U.S. and Canada.